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Achzarit – part 3: Adding details




I have decided to finish some of the models, that have been sitting on my shelf almost fully built and either primed or ready for painting and this time I have picked up the Achzarit from Meng.

This model was in need of replacement of mounting of towing cables, which were pitifully molded on the plastic cable with poor detail (Really Meng, is this the best you can do…?) I have already filled in the locating holes on the hull, so it was just a matter of scratch-building some replacement.

At the end I have used brass strip, as I have found out it is easier to drill holes into it (for the pins) rather than to bend the plastic strips.

While I was at it and since I remembered that during the recent clean up of my work bench I have found some very fine lead wire from eduard on my desk, I have also added wiring for the smoke grenade dischargers and for the front lights. Nothing too complicated, just bit of fiddling with 0.2mm wire, but ads a nice touch to the model.

I have also replaced antenna mount, which is lost somewhere on my desk with one spare from Kinetic’s R-31 kit, that looks almost identical.

The last addition was replacement of the plastic tow cable with resin and brass piece from Eureka XXL. The set is for Merkava 3, but who says you could not see it on Achzarit. The brass cable was just the perfect size, so it took minimum time to add it.

Nest stage – painting.

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