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El Alamein Sherman – Part 3: Primer

This kit was one of my shelf queens for the past five years (as I have just figured out based on the date of my last post about it on this blog). Recently it became one of those that were brought back to life as I continue to dust of kits which are often close to finish in terms of construction, so just need that little bit extra effort to get them ready for the next phase.

It took really just a few minutes to add those few missing details and put on the primer.

Now I am face with few decisions. First, I will need to decide whether to go with the kit’s tracks. They are quite OK, but I feel the sag is bit too pronounced at the ends. I have got replacement Bronco tracks, I am just not sure whether all the extra work with single link tracks is worthe the trouble.

Next, I am in mind quite complicated paint scheme in mind (as I have written long time ago here), so I am trying to figure out the right color for preshading and thinking of how to make a mask for the pattern.

Last, Shermans at El Alamein (or generally at that time) had quite large identification marks on the top of the hull and turret. These are in the kit provided as decals. The problem with the one to be placed on the hull is that it covers large area, including some large details on the engine cover, which I am afraid the decal will not fit and cover well. Painting the markings instead of using the decal might be an option, though not a simple(r) one. Dry transfers maybe… if they exist?

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