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Takom Chieftain Mk.5 – Playing with the rust wash



Some time ago I have started playing with the weathering on the Chieftain Mk 5 kit I have built. I have spent some time with the hairspray chipping technique and now was the time to build on that.

One common problem with the weathering (or rather lack of it) is that it needs to complement the other effects on the model. The pictures in this case very well illustrate the difference. In the central part of the hull I have applied rust wash. It is clear that this has immediately changed the visual perception of the model – in the areas without the wash, the chipping is not consistent with the rather pristine paint coat on the model and looks weird and lacks authenticity. Application of the rust wash created the “feel” of rusty and neglected vehicle, which cannot be achieved by the chipping alone. And of course, this is not the end of the weathering process, replication of dust, dirt, grime, oil and engine stains will add further layers to create the final look and feel.


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