Long summer

No, the picture above does not show what my summer looks like (unfortunately), rather far from it. But in a way it illustrates my modelling productivity over the past weeks. Frankly, I haven’t done that much. Mostly the reason is simple – my modelling space (as the rest of the house) is still undergoing major renovation and with all the work I haven’t found much time and space for modelling.

I have succeeded in building Takom’s M47 E/M in June/July, mostly using our dining table as a temporary bench, but recently with all the things going on around the house, I rarely pick up the tools. All this should hopefully be short-lived, the reno is going on and in a next few weeks I shall have the space back.

One things that I still indulge myself in shopping for new kits. In spite of my experience of moving my whole stash to storage, after which I concluded that some cull will be required once I am moving it back, I still can’t resist.

On Friday I made a quick lunch break trip to one of the local stores and picked few pieces, similar to my previous shopping patterns, Takom was clearly winner again. The quality of their kits seems to be constantly improving and I was quite impressed with their AML-60 armored car – the finesse of molding, the level of detail as well as more technical aspects (thickness of sprue attachment points) are definitely putting them at the top of the league. I am very much looking to build this one.

It will however have to wait at least two weeks as I am off for an annual camping trip with family. Till that time, keep up the good work and post some nice pictures online, so that there is some good inspiration for me when I come back.

Enjoy the summer!

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