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  1. Magnificient tank the MERKAVA MBT. In my opinión one of the most impressive tanks eve built. I’m thinking in buying the MKIII from Hobby Boss or Meng. However I must admit I’m very tempted by the MK I from Takom or even the MK IV from Academy, Hobby boss or Meng. Difficult decision I think!

    • Hi, fully agree. Merkava is amazing machine. Mk I By Takom is great kit. For Mk III I would go for Meng, same for Mk IV, in terms of quality I believe Meng would be my first choice. Cheers, Vlad

  2. Hi, I’ve just bought the new Merkava MK.2B in 1/35 by Takom in my local model shop (I couldn’t resist the temptation i must admit). It’s a truly impressive kit with a lot of parts and Great mould quality. I like all Merkavas but especially the MKI and MKII variants. I was impressed when I went to the “Musée des Blindés” in Saumur, France last year and I saw a Merkava MKI. I was impressed by the sheer size of the thing


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