Heritagecon 2018

So this time it was almost a year since the last model show for me, the last ones being Heritagecon and Torcan 2017.

The show was usual, great organization (no more troubles finding parking space), many good friends to be met, models to be seen and money to be spent. It was very nice to meet Brett Green of Model Military magazine, for whom I have built few pieces in the past.

The biggest surprise for me came right at the beginning when my trusted Canon SLR gave up on me after about 5 shots… So I had to resort to using my camera phone to shoot rest of the show. The quality is surprisingly good, at the end it is rather new Samsung Note 8 phone camera, but still on few shots the depth of field is lacking. So now I have to figure out how (or what) replacement to find to shoot my work at home.

As every year, I have left with a nice dose of inspiration and lot of dilemmas of what to be build (first).

Below are my top picks, full report to be seen here.



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