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M47 E/M – Part 2: Painting

In the breaks between weathering the AML I have done some work on the Takom’s M47. The construction was actually finished some time ago, so now I am onto painting.

The kit is very nice, little less known subject, but you can paint in desert colour in Iranian markings…!

Construction was rather straightforward. There are some very fine details on the kit, but I was missing some photoetch parts that could have been added just to spice up the game. Fit of the parts was perfect, level of detail very good, so this seems to be very enjoyable project so far.

Now the model was finished, primed, base coated and got first wash. For the base coat I have used Mission Model’s MMP-043 British Portland Stone. I just liked this colour more than the the one recommended in the instructions, which was bit more darker beige tone. I prefer the lighter one as it looks more like desert-bleached sand colour to me and gives a lot of freedom to darken the final look through multiple weathering steps. It has caused bit of the problem with photography as the colour is too light and I had problems getting sufficient contrast with white background, so had to used grey instead.

The time is now for the decals and some weathering fun.

See previous part


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