Torcan 2018

On the past Saturday I paid a quick visit to the next in the series of local model shows, this time it was Torcan.

The first things that welcomed me to the show were – closed doors! Display room closed for judging. Say what you want I find this most regrettable at event like a model show. And I am speaking with having quite bit of experience with judging at model shows when it comes to that. I believe one of the single most important purposes of the shows is to bring the hobby to the people. People who may not be modelers (yet), folks who would be interested to join maybe. And we show them closed doors…? Sorry guys, that just does not cut it with me. If you are like me, having quite a busy life schedule, three kids and numbers of responsibilities, you may be lucky to find a time to travel through half a city to the show venue and appreciate patience of the rest of the family willing to accommodate your hobby, and now having to wait for hour and more just to have a look at the models…really awesome!!!

Aside from that one could say this was a interesting show, quite a few models on the tables (more than I expected actually) and few inspirational pieces.

If you have missed it, please see selection of some of the best pieces below and check out my full photo report here.

PS apologies for lower quality of pictures, I am still getting to know my knew camera, so it will get better…


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