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Voroshilovets Artillery tractor – Part 3

Base Coat

While I was looking for the right shade of Russian green for the base coat I put my hands on the latest Model Military Magazine, which features build article by Mike Rinaldi (see here). This time his subject is the Churchill in the Russian service. I got inspired by the paint job on the Churchill and decided to try the same colours for my Voroshilovets.

I am not the purist, who would argue about the one and only correct shade of Russian green (or British bronze green or US olive drab or any other historical colour when it comes to that). I believe that in reality the variation in the colour of the actual vehicles was big. Also due to the rather heavy weathering I plan to apply, the final look will be significantly different from the one of the paint I start with.

So after finishing preshading with the Tamiya Nato Black I airbrushed the base coat of Tamiya XF-13 J.A. Green. As usually, I have added 10% of Tamiya X-22 Clear.

Please note that I still keep the cab (and also its interior) separate to make painting its rear section as well as the front wall of the cargo bed easier.

I have also left out windows so far, I plan to install them after the next phase – highlighting.

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