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Voroshilovets Artillery tractor – Part 5

I managed to play a bit with the Voroshilovets over the last days.

I added small markings on the side cargo bed walls – small red triangle on each side. Kit provides decals for this, but I thought it might be better to mask them and airbrush them. It would work fine, just on the left side as I masked the shape of the triangle with the masking tape, because the walls are not flat, but imitate rough wooden surface structure, the masking tape has not perfectly adhered to the surface and the paint has seeped under it a bit. Not a lot of it can be seen, but a lesson for the next time nevertheless…

Then I have of course added the whitewash camouflage using the hairspray method (of which I have written some time ago here). It worked mostly fine, just on the rear end I have not applied enough of the hairspray and the amount of paint subsequently lifted is somewhat less than on the other sides.

Right after applying the whitewash the paint finish lost most of its depth and looked very flat, so I applied filter of Burnt Umber oil paint. It is little better now, but still will need more layers of weathering to create the depth…

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