HeritageCon 2012

This weekend kicked off model show season of 2012, which as usually started with the HeritageCon in the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. In spite of a snow storm which raged in Hamilton today when I arrived, the show seems to be getting more and more popular judging by the distance from my parking spot to the exhibition hangar. This impression was also confirmed by the growing amount of the vendor tables.

The models on display were plentiful, with some really nice pieces to admire. Being primarily armour fan, I was quite pleased with the other categories too – two large paper models of USS Lexington and IJN Yamato, very nice collection of German WWII Messerschmitts as well as tiny, but amazing kamikaze attack plane by Tony Bell and some beautifully weathered cars just to name few.

On the armour display tables, one could also find many pieces worth attention – my favourite this time were Mercedes L4500, my friend Harvey’s Type 92 Japanese tank, burnt-out Panzer III, M-8 armoured car and M4A3 (if I have identified the version right) in 1/48 scale and my other friend Ying’s dioramas with T-34 and BT-7.

You can find the full gallery here.

Note for the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum – The fact that you are not selling batteries in your museum store is almost ridiculous given that you are a technical museum…

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