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Voroshilovets Artillery tractor – Part 6

After the application of the whitewash camouflage using the hairspray method, the finish of the tractor was rather flat. The finish at this time is also rather inconsistent – there is a layer of heavily weathered and chipped white paint, apparently resulting from long period of exposure to the elements, but there is no other sign of “wear and tear” resulting from this exposure. The chipped white paint is also too clean given the prolonged time it must have taken to weather the camouflage paint.

To fix this I followed with the first of multiple weathering steps I will be applying – another layer of heavy wash of oils – I use Winsor Newton artist oils, mix of Black and Burnt Umber heavily thinned, but still strong enough to leave the chipped white visibly darker.

After letting the wash dry for at least 24 hours follows addition of chips. I use drybrushing to apply these, I use small size brush and cover only small areas one at a time. Again using oils, the same mix as above. The advantage is that any mistakes or effects that I don’t like I can fix with a brush moistened in oil thinner.

When applying chipping one has to think about where the chips would occur – e.g. on the doors, they would be on the edges of the side that swings, not the other one. By the way – when applying chipping around the doors I realized that it would have been much easier if I hadn’t glued them in place, hopefully will remember this next time.

The final effect adds quite a bit of contrast to the previously flat finish (though the effect looks somehow exaggerated in the photographs) and makes it much more interesting.

Now, since the cargo bed is not made of metal, I will have to find an alternative method of weathering there.

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