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Ford G917T – Part 2: Primer


Few words on the next step – primer. I have used Vallejo grey primer again. I am getting to like this product as the application is simple and straightforward. Using can primer is not practical as yet, as the temperature outside is still below zero and doing it inside is usually not a good idea.

To airbrush the primer I use it without thinning straight from the bottle and increase the air pressure to between 20 – 25 PSI. The primer still clogs my airbrush more than the Tamiya acrylics, which are relatively easy to clean. For cleaning I am now using the new Tamiya airbrush cleaner (see here) which usually does a good job getting the airbrush back into shape.

On the picture you can see the components I have kept separate for ease of painting. As you might have noticed, missing are rear wheels, which will need some attention to fill the gaps.

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