Blogs, blogs and some more blogs

World of the web seems to be full of inspiration for a modeller these days (what the heck did we do without internet…?). It may sometimes take time to find something interesting in the flood of information (among all the offers for cheap Viagra), but some of the finds I have made recently are definitely worth being put into the favorites group:

Very nice blog of a fellow modeller from Voronezh. Even if you don’t speak russki, it is worth seeing. The JSU-122 featuring on the home page is definitely an inspiration for my JSU-122S in progress:

If you are into dioramas, than you will definitely love this site. I have actually found this modeller on the facebook. The quality of Nico’s ground & building painting & weathering is in my opinion second to none and there are actually some very useful videos of the techniques used:

French armour is somehow black sheep of today’s world of armour modelling, but if you are looking for some French tanks, here you can find some excellent ones. I simply love Emilien’s Renault D1…and there’s more:

Looking for inspiration to build some trucks. Don’t need to go any further. Javier’s work is first class. I wouldn’t even know where did some of these vehicles come from (Hey Javier, give us more…)

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