Inside the Chieftain’s Hatch

I guess it was just a matter of time till the modelling world would take a full use of the online media. Online magazines, video tutorials, blogs, you name it. Sometimes it might get really difficult to find something new and useful. Over the past weeks I found out that one of the great sources of news regarding plastic modelling is Facebook. With number of producers using it to communicate with the online population of modelers, I have discovered new modelers (which I have already mentioned here), new products, shots of new models…

In similar way I have today discovered new YouTube video and this time the source was little bit outside of the modeling world – it was promoted through the site of online game World of Tanks. For those of you who haven’t yet heard about this – it is quite interesting and addictive game for all tanks enthusiasts simulating tank combat. If you haven’t tried it yet I must warn you – it will eat from your modelling time…

But back to the video I have mentioned, based on the information this video should be the first of the series, in which you can see real tanks close up – interior and exterior. In this part (hopefully it will attract sufficient number of fans to survive) you can see M26 Pershing from outside. Though the video is not that long (just a bit over 6 minutes) I found the views of the tanks to be really good reference. With a commentary provided about what are you looking at, this has some added value compared to just simple static photographs. Commentary is primarily about the functionality and use of the different parts, so that the video is almost a substitute to seeing the tank with your own eyes – and maybe even more, as it is unlikely that in some museum they would let you open engine hatches or get inside the turret…

So have a look for yourself:

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