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JSU-122S – Part 16: Weathering

I have been making slow progress on the JSU, somehow September is not one of my most productive months in terms of modeling results…

First of all, I looked at the model and realized it doesn’t have the “right” look, it was still bit too clean. I found an inspiration in a T-34 built by Adam Wilder which was featured in recent issue of the (relatively) new modeling magazine – Military Illustrated Modeller (Issue 6 – october 2011). So I have decided to add more chips and enhance the weathering effects.

For chipping I have used oil paints and have applied them with the sponge method – cut off small piece of fine sponge (or rather a material that looks like a sponge, but is used for packaging to protect delicate things, it is usually finer than the regular cleaning sponge) and holding it in the reverse (self-closing) tweezers dabbed the paint around the edges. If you try to use this method, make sure to dab the sponge on a piece of napkin first, to get rid of the most of the paint on the sponge and only when a small residue of paint is left, leaving just a small print on the surface, apply this to the model.

After this I have added some rust streaks, again using oil paint – this time Burnt Umber, which I think works well for simulating this effect.

Using AK’s new product – Engine oil (AK 084) I have added few oil stains, primarily at the rear engine deck.

Afterwards I applied pigments, this time dry, in very limited scale, my goal was to create layer of dust on top of the oil patches, so that another layer of oil stains can be applied on top with different level of intensity and transparency, creating the effect, that the oil stains appeared through time, not just once.

I have also enhance the mapping on the horizontal surfaces, though few more applications might be still needed.

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  1. Hi, thanks for the kind comments about my blog, would be nice if I could update it more regularly! Congratulations for your JSU, the beast is growing and gets nicer and nicer every post, I have a KV waiting in the works and yours makes me eager to get it finished. Best regards.

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