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M26 Pershing – Part 10: Base coat and highlights


I apologize for a slower posting pace in the recent weeks, the year’s been quite busy so far and over the last few days I was applying my skills to the remodeling of my house in 1:1 scale…

Anyhow, after giving the Pershing new lease on life, I proceeded to applying further paint coats.

I have again started with the coat of Tamiya Olive Drab, but this was followed by a coat of Khaki Drab. This paint is supposed to be slightly lighter than the Olive Drab, though in my opinion it is actually more brownish than the Olive Drab. I intended to apply just a transparent layer of Khaki Drab, but at the end I just overdone it a little bit, so the model was more toward the brown tone.

Khaki Drab was followed by few coats of highlights with paint mixes used as follows:

1. Highlight: Mix of Khaki Drab and Yellow green in the ratio of 4:3. I decided to use Yellow green to pull the shade back toward the green a little bit.

2. Highlight: Mix of Khaki Drab, Yellow Green, Buff and White in the ratio of 4:3:2:1 I have used Buff so that the highlights do not look to bleak, but had to add white to the mix as well as it was not light enough.

3. Highlight: Mix of Khaki Drab, Yellow Green, Buff and White in the ratio of 4:4:2:2.

This should be enough for highlights, the model is quite light at this time and has sufficient contrast between the light and dark areas so my plan is to apply some washes now. (The first 3 pictures below show the model after the first highlight, the rest after the third.)

With respect to the markings (which will follow), I have changed my mind a bit. Originally I planned to use just a generic markings – primarily just white stars placed on the front, turret sides and top. Having checked what other options are available I found quite interesting decal set by Bison which provides USMC markings with nice yellow numerals, which add a touch of color contrast to the paint finish. I have ordered a set on ebay and it is already on its way…

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