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M26 Pershing – Part 12: Dark chips


Yesterday I have added dark chips to the Pershing. This was actually preceded by the light overspray of all the decals with heavily thinned Khaki Drab. This step itself contributed a lot to the look of the vehicle – without all these bright and shiny decals it suddenly looked much more aged and dusted. The overspray also reduced the glare from the gloss coat. I feel I will still need to apply few more runs over the decal on top of the turret as well over few areas, that I still find too glossy (can be seen on the photographs below). I did this before the dark chipping so that the contrast between the chips and the paint underneath is not reduced by the blending with Khaki Drab (the goal is actually to achieve completely opposite effect in these two cases).

Dark chips I have applied with drybrushing, using mix of Winsor & Newton Burnt Umber and Black. I might still add some heavier chips using sponge.

I am slowly getting to the look I want to achieve and getting the “depth” in the finish. Part of the effect might get muted with the application of the weathering steps, so I might need to refresh the chips sometime toward the end of the weathering phase.

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