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Cleaning the workbench

Over the past months I have been working on a number of models and I have now decided to put some of them finally off my desk. I find it sometimes difficult to say when a model is finished, usually it is when I bring it to a local model show, as has happened with few pieces presented in this blog.

So I have decided to move Ka-Mi, BT-5, and Voroshilovets tractor to the finished models section, so that I can move on to the new projects. Over past weeks I have started working on few new pieces (because I only have about 20 other in-progress models on my shelves…) and will be bringing them here.

I have also decided to remove the SKP’s AEC armoured command car off to the never-to-be-finished box. I have spent few hours on this kit, but in view of the brand new AFV kit of this vehicle I don’t see point of continuing. SKP’s kit pales in comparison to the AFV one. The amount of effort that would have to be spent on this model would be far too high given what I could make of it.

Few other models are also not far from being done, sometimes there are just few steps needed, in some cases steps I am not very fond off, such as painting the stowage for the M1A1. But I definitely plan to have them finished in near future.

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