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I am rather lazy modeller, so when it comes to tank tracks I prefer the ones which take least effort to assemble while providing good level of detail and, if relevant, correct track sag. With respect to these factors I believe the best alternative are Friul metal tracks, though these are also rather pricey. I also like Dragon’s magic tracks, as with little more effort these can be assembled and shaped accurately and are very well detailed. I learned that Magic tracks are not popular with many modellers as they find them difficult to assemble. I don’t find this to be a problem (I might have a post in the future on how I deal with them).

Dragon has recently started using their Dragon Styrene tracks more often, these are definitely the easiest option in terms of assembly – there is really none. But they suffer from the usual problem with styrene or vinyl tracks – though flexible, they are still rather stiff, so that achieving the sag so typical for many tanks is quite difficult.

Recently I have found interesting article on the track-link site that shows a nice trick how to achieve this. Quite simple and effective it might be the way to go for modeller who likes these tracks. Make sure to see the article here.

Thanks go to the article author Bill Koppos for sharing the idea. His application of this trick to the Ha-Go is truly impressive – see the image above, which is from his article.

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