Precision Ice and Snow

Close up of snow and ice effects


During my recent web travels I have stumbled upon review of interesting product – Precision Ice and Snow. As you can figure out from the name itself, the product is designed to imitate ice and snow in scale.

My skills with winter themed dioramas are rather limited, so I might not be the best person to judge or compare this product to other alternatives being used, but I was definitely inspired by the presentation of results that can be achieved with this product. There are number of winter effects that can be built with Precision Ice and Snow, I particularly like the snow with the “driving” effect – replication of snow being blown by the wind in particular direction ad covering vertical surfaces of vehicle or terrain. Application seems to be quite straightforward affair using hairspray or spray adhesive.

The review with useful information on the methods of application can be found here.

The website of the producer with additional information is here. It seems that you can order the product directly on this website by phone or email. I can already imagine few scenes from the Eastern Front that could benefit from the addition of bit of snow and ice using some of the models sitting on my shelf…


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