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Char 2C – Part 4: Wash

Char2CIMG_2945 res

October of every year is for me the time, when I am trying to finish as much models as I can for the Ajax model show. And this year is no exception. There are quite few pieces that were sitting on my shelves in various stages of completion and I decided to get some of them on my finished models’ list.

One of those I have picked up is the Char 2C. Having finished painting and decals quite some time ago, next step was weathering. First I needed a wash to add some dirty and grimy look to the tank, for this I have used Ammo’s wash for green vehicles. I used Ammo stuff just because I have spilled my AK bottle all over my table some time ago and when shopping for replacement I gave Ammo a try. Frankly I don’t see much difference – your choice either you get Mr Vallejo’s or Mr Jimenez’s stuff, both should work fine

I have applied the wash quite heavily over the surface (see the first picture). I covered the tank in multiple steps as it is really large machine (bigger than King Tiger) so it took me one whole day to get the wash applied. Once I have the part covered with wash, I used flat brush to lift it using dabbing motion, so that just the bits in edges, around bolts, corners, etc. were left. The point is to go slowly, inch by inch, control how much moisture you have on your brush, clean it in enamel thinner after every lift (this means very, very often) and then remove the thinner with the help of a paper towel.

At the end I got the look I was after, ready for next stage…

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