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T62 – Part 8: Finish

T62IMG_3409 res

So, another brought to the finish line. Just before the Ajax model show I have added bit more dirt by using a garden soil. I wanted to add more volume to the dirt on the deck and thought it might be easier to achieve this with garden soil and it quite worked. I then fixed it with AK’s gravel and sand fixer and blended with some more pigments.

Overall this was nice project, bit more complicated than I have originally planned at the outset due to all the refinements I have added. It was my first attempt at more intensive use of non-Tamiya acrylics, but likely the last one. I think I can achieve better effect with Tamiya paints and will likely stick with them. I played a lot and learned a lot from the weathering of this model. This being bit of a guinea pig, I think I would have done things differently, but well, this is not my last model…




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  1. T-62’s are great tanks to model! I’ve got a pair of little 1/72 ones at home. One of the most enjoyable builds 🙂

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