Fernando Ruiz at Hornet Hobbies

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Do you know that feeling, when you look at someone’s one work (be it a model or figure or anything else for that matter) and feel that you can just about give up on your feeble efforts to try do to the same thing… Well, I had bit of that this Friday when I witnessed demo on figure painting by, what I know believe is one of the best figure painters in the world – Fernando Ruiz.

I have been thinking recently about dusting off my figure painting skills, so Fernando’s visit to Toronto came at the right time. Friday’s few hours demo was in few aspects truly eye-opening and I hope to try some of the techniques he demonstrated. One of the interesting things is that Fernando paints only with acrylics (even faces) and does not use oils at all.

Fernando had on display couple of busts and figures he has painted and I was truly amazed by the quality of his work and expression he can give to the figure. The hobbit and  dwarf figures were simply stunning….

Of course I did not bring my SLR and the lighting in the room was not great for photography, so I just snapped few shots of some his works. And I must say that the photographs really do not do justice to the quality of the paintwork. But…. better than nothing.

So, enjoy!

(and if there is at any time seminar and demonstration by Fernando, do not miss the opportunity….)

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