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Skoda PA-II Turtle from Takom



So this is my this weekend’s build project. I have picked up the model on Friday in my pit stop in a hobby store. I consider this vehicle one of the coolest looking WWII vehicles, though of course bit strange, but it’s up to one’s taste.

As the shape of this armored car is quite peculiar, I was curious how will Takom handle the challenge of reproducing it in plastic.

As you can see the model is essentially finished (I haven’t attached lights’s clear parts yet) and it was done pretty much yesterday. It is quite simple kit and can really be put together in one day easily.

Takom has tried to minimize the number of parts and the shape of the vehicle helped them. There is very little surface structure, the whole vehicle is actually one large body on four wheels.

The body of the model consists of five major plastic parts – one lower section and four parts of the quasi-turret. Fit of the parts is OK, but could be better, it takes bit of fiddling to get it fit without any gaps, but I felt that Takom could have separate some of the details, such as the visors beneath machine gun mounts or the doors on the sides. This way the fit could be better and perhaps also surface details.

One problem with this kit are molding lines – they are all across the model. Sometime they cut across the surface detail and can be tricky to clean. To my liking, there is simply bit too many of them…

Suspension is quite simplified when i compare it to the other kits I had in my hands and again the fit is not bad, but could be better. Much of it won’t be visible at the bottom of the model anyhow, so I didn’t care that much.

Wheels have nice surface details and rubber tires fit nicely with the plastic discs. Wheels can be built movable, but they would be bit wobbly, so I think I will attach them fixed at the end.

There is no interior in this kit whatsoever, and if you would like to add and show some, you will have face the challenge of making the side doors open – they are molded solidly with the body and no detail on the inside, so it might be too much of a trouble.

At the end I still have uniquely looking vehicle with little work. I will need to fill some gaps, but after that you can spend time painting some really cool camo schemes that were in use by Czechoslovak army… or German grey of course, as the vehicle was captured from Czechoslovak army by Wehrmacht.

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