Russian village photo



I have seen this photo recently posted by Mike Rinaldi on his facebook page presented as nice example of the whitewash camo. It undisputably is really good catch, however the gun in the foreground was actually the last piece I really noticed. The picture above is really unique as it shows so many different things, especially if you are a diorama lover:

  • Hexagonal church tower behind the gun. Interesting wooden structure with windows and decorative arches above. It would be interesting to know what in what colours it was painted, as there is quite bit of contrast between the walls and decorative accents.
  • Adjoining structure to the left, this seems to be newer building, seems to be made of bricks and stucco with modern roof. It seems to be connected to the old wooden tower. Notice the onion-shaped decorative tower on the top of the roof. Building has modern features such as eaves and downspout.
  • Old wooden hut in the left front, still well preserved with clear view of window style being used.
  • Old fence made of wooden planks and bit more dilapidated entry gate.
  • Electric pole at the back, indicating that while this seems to be some smaller village, it did have electric power.

Quite a bit of interesting information in one picture, I guess whoever was taking the photo at that time, had no clue how much there is that he is capturing.

Thanks to Mike for posting the photograph.

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