Accurate military vehicle in movie(s)

When it comes to historical accuracy of military vehicles used in movies, we (and under we I mean wide group of armour enthusiasts, modellers, military historians and similar types) rarely get satisfied. I guess we are not the main target group of filmmakers, so they rarely make the investment of getting authentic machines into their flicks.

As a result, it comes as a nice surprise when you unexpectedly stumble upon a movie, where you can enjoy the real and accurately used tanks, such as is the case of the movie from which the short piece you can watch below. In this video that I found on youtube thanks to facebook link, Panzer IV, Sd.kfz 250/1 and 38(t) are not only real (at least to my eye) but are also historically accurately placed in space and time.

Apparently, there are still some WWII leftovers stocks available in the motherland…

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