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Saladin resurrection


Another model that I have decided to bring back on my bench is Saladin. As much as I was disappointed by the quality of this kit some time ago (see my older post here), I still like the shape of this vehicle. Some week ago, I have seen the British Pathe video featuring this armored car (see my other post today) on facebook and decided to give it another chance.

First I had to finish the construction, which did not take long. One important missing feature on this vehicle is the barrel sleeve, I have added it using a napkin – I have cut it to the appropriate conical shape and then attached it to the model by soaking it in the mix of white glue and water. once dry it keeps shape and can be painted with the rest of the model. I have also added two thin strips of Tamiya masking tape at the ends to replicate bands that fix it in place.

Another modification that I have done was caused by the need to remove quite visible join of the kit parts on the side of the smoke grenade dischargers on the side of the turret. I have removed this by filling it with some putty and sanding, but had to remove the grab handles on the sides of the dischargers to do this. At the end I have replaced them with ones made of spare photoetch parts.

The last addition were antennas – these were ridiculously thick on the model, so I have removed the antennas from the base and drilled holes for replacement made of thin steel wire.

With all this done I have proceeded to painting phase. Unfortunately due to the failure of my Micro SD card, I have lost pictures I have taken during this stage, so here is updated with the latest shots.


  1. Primer – Grey Tamiya can
  2. Preshading with NATO Black
  3. Base coat with Mix of Olive drab lightened with Dark Yellow and Yellow Green (Ratio roughly 16:3:7)
  4. Highlights of the base coat using the base coat mix with addition of Yellow Green and White
  5. Black camo spots
  6. NATO camouflage wash
  7. Markings

So that is where I am now ready for some weathering.

See next part.


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  1. Nice work. I like the look of the vehicle also but the kit seemed to be a little too expensive for me. Enjoy.

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