Ever got inspired by a computer game?

I used to play computer games quite a bit before I started to build models. These days the number of hours I spend playing is much smaller, but occasionally I still get tempted. Since there were very little new game ideas in the past few years, I found many games to be just improved versions of other older games (though as always there are exceptions). Over the past years however, technical and visual improvements basically defined games as a separate art form quite some time ago, and similar to movies, sometimes offer visual experience that can stir an imagination of a modeller.

Few weeks ago, one game trailer caught my attention in such a way (and made me to buy the game) – it was the trailer for the third installment of the Battlefield game series. After watching this short movie, I felt like pulling out the M1A1 that is sitting on my shelf for some year now a get it finished. See for yourself:

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