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M26 Pershing – Part 7: Primer and pre-shading

All the bits and pieces of details are added, so it’s time for some paint.

As the first step I have again tried airbrushing the Vallejo primer. It went on nicely, but it seems to have one drawback – it cannot really be sanded. I use light-coloured primers, becasue they help me spot any details that still need to be fixed – mold seams, sand marks, etc. Well, with Vallejo primer if you try to sand anything, the paint will start to peel off. At the end I was able to address the few issues I have found, but I find that I might still prefer to use the can primer in the future.

After primer, I decided to preshade portions of the model and not to paint it all in Tamiya Black, as I usually do. This was before I knew of all the troubles I will have with the base coat & highlights…

For the primer and preshading I have of coursed masked of the tracks and wheels so as not to spoil their finish.

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