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M26 Pershing – Part 8: Base Coat


Now this paint job was real pain. Frankly it was my mistake, as I haven’t tested the colour to be applied, which could have saved me a lot of disappointment.

Looking for a recipe for the right green colour, I found two build articles of allied vehicles that used Tamiya’s Olive Drab progressively lightened with Tamiya Sky.

Based on this mix, I started airbrushing the base coat. I wanted to apply colour modulation and was thus looking for high contrast between the darker and lighter portions of the model. However I found out that adding too much Sky into the Olive Drab will result in quite unnaturally looking green colour – very cold shade of green, resulting from too much grey in the colour. Without adding the Sky, the Olive Drab was simply too dark. To maintain the colour balance I kept adding other green paint into the mix to keep the right green tone, but this haven’t fixed the problem fully. I was then trying to adjust the colour by using heavier brown filter, but it didn’t work as well .

At the end I had to repaint the model twice, after which I just called it good enough. I have based the colour on the Olive Drab and Sky, but added Yellow green to the highlights. At the end I have airbrushed thin filter of Sky and Yellow Green mix to lighten the colour. The contrast is not as high as I wanted to have, so I might still play with it.

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