Finished models

Flying T-34/76


This is another contribution to the gallery of my finished models. Again, I have built the model few years ago, so I can’t really go into any details regarding the build or painting.

The kit (from Dragon) went together well, construction process was rather straightforward. I attempted to depict vehicle which has seen some action and thus added some damage to the fenders and generally applied quite a bit of chipping. With respect to markings I was inspired by a Czech book on T-34 which had color plates for number of markings which were used especially in the early stages of the battles on the Eastern front by the Russian armoured units for air recognition. These allow to add some focus points to the vehicle which breaks down the green monotony of the finish.

The base was basically an afterthought and was finished within the last few days before the model contest to which I wanted to bring the model. As I have already mentioned here, I followed a rule of positioning the vehicles, so that it is not sitting flat, but rather is dynamically positioned in all 3 dimensions. This adds some tension to the whole scene which is underlined by the addition of the damaged constructions enveloping the vehicle and positioning the tank off the centre of the base and overhanging the edge. Due to this, the model was dubbed “Flying T-34” by my friend.

The base was built and painted in a very similar fashion to the one of my recently finished JSU (see here).

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