Kleine Panzerbefehlswagen I – Part 7: Pigments and weathering

PzIBfhlsIMG_1046 res

Pz I was one of the models I was trying to get ready for HeritageCon and I think in this effort I got myself in the same situation as I experienced with my BMP-1. At the end I looked at the model and thought – not good enough.

First I must admit that there are some shortcomings to the model, which are hard to overcome – the detail on the few places, such as fire extinguisher are way too soft, similar for the jack wooden blog. I have tried to mask this by making a tarp to put on the left rear fender, this added bit more colour to the model.

I have added pigments to the model, again trying to be bit more muted, but now it feels that pigment application is unbalanced and lacks depth. I have also painted the muffler at the rear, now it is bit too bright, will need to tone it down using oils.

All in all I think I will need to play a bit more with this puppy…

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