Modern armour is rolling…

I know some of these are not really news anymore, but there are few models that were promised by the model companies, that I am looking forward to see on the shelves of the hobby stores:



Academy was once The company if you were interested in Israeli armour. Not that the quality would be stellar, you pretty much needed Legend conversion set to build anything serious. Seems that they are catching their second breath now with this release, I just hopes that this is going to be improvement over their old models and not just a rebox. Otherwise we will have to wait for Hobby Boss or Meng to step up…

Shot K’al Gimel


After AFV released for 1967 and 1973 versions of centurion Shot and it took them some time to follow up. Now they have announced the next version from 1982, which is going to be very welcome addition to the line up.

Leopard 1A5/C2


The latest new came today from Takom, which announced another version of Leopard. And more importantly it is another Canadian version. What I like about this release is that, similar to their previous Leo kit (the C2 Mexas), they are adding the figure to the kit:


When I saw the figure, it was clear to me where they got the inspiration – anybody saw the movie Behind Enemy Lines? Remember this character:


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