London Scale Model Show 2014

Yesterday I paid a quick visit to one of the few local model shows, this time taking place in London. It felt again the same familiar way – some unseen new models on the tables, vendors tables with goodies, seeing good friends not seen since the last show, you know it. I must admit of being bit surprised, the display tables were little more empty than they usually are at shows around here, but there were still quite few interesting and inspirational pieces to be seen.

Among my favourites was my friends Dave Brown’s Tiger I (finally something that is not shadowbox from Dave…), with its subtle weathering it was one of the best models I have recently seen.

The WOW effect was in this show triggered by two models – first by the Neubaufahrzeug – I have before dismissed this model as something too “out of ordinary” for me. Having seen it beautifully rendered, I am tempted to get it myself.

The second time it was with the Swedish S-tank. As much as I think that 1/72nd scale models are overrated (sorry 1/72ers) this one was truly beautiful.

As I haven’t stayed till the end of the show, I am still wondering what has won the best of show, so hope there won’t be any surprises there…

In addition to my selection of “best of show” below, check out my full gallery here.

Full photo report from the show

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