HeritageCon 2014

As I have already mentioned, I have spent Sunday in Hamilton’s Warplane Heritage Museum enjoying the company of many of my fellow modelers. I very much enjoy the few model shows which we have in a year around here and this one wasn’t an exception. There were quite a few very nice models presented on the tables and my friend Harvey deservedly won best armor award for his amazing scratch built Japanese vehicle. I cannot even say what the vehicle was for as it looks more like from a steampunk movie rather than from WWII. One nice surprise was that there were more armor models in the competition than airplanes (at least that was my impression), usually it is the other way around 😉

I was bit disappointed with the vendors, most of them were just selling old kits, I was hoping to grab some of the hot new releases now coming to the market, but there simply wasn’t anybody selling them.

But I have of course to thank the guys from IPMS Hamilton for putting together this great event and to congratulate all my friends who came home with some prizes. Below are few pieces that could have been seen on the tables, for my complete photo report go here.

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