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  1. May I ask why you first do the chipping, only to go over it again with the camouflage colours, losing precious work?
    I’m currently attempting something similar (chipping over 3-colour camo). My limited experience with AK’s chipping fluid (alternative for hairspray, same technique) teaches it works through multiple layers of paint, so in theory you could start chipping after camo?

    • Hi Jeroen,
      sorry for not responding earlier. Based on my experience it may be actually difficult to chip a layer of paint once it dried for longer time. I am using regular hairspray (never was able to airbrush the chipping fluid, I find it too thick) and try to do the chipping right after the application of hairspray and paint and do it relatively fast. When I did chipping of multiple layers such as on the T-62, I tried to plan on where my camouflage will go and save some work thus, but inevitably you will lose some of the chips. I actually used the top camouflage layer to hide some imperfections and chips at places I didn’t like.
      It also depends on how much time do you have. Usually I have time slots of 2-3 hours that allow me to chip one layer of paint. In case you have more time, you can perhaps try to chip multiple layers in one go, but I think you will give up some degree of control over the chipping process as you are going through multiple layers of paint. Even with one layer I sometimes find it tricky to get the exact results I am after.
      Thanks for coming checking my blog, hope I have helped somewhat…

      • Thanks for the in-depth reply. I’ll have to do more experimenting to find what works best for me. My current model has waaay too much chipping fluid and the paint is coming off in huge chunks. My previous model thought me the fluid is workable even after months, but I have yet to find a way of spraying a more controlled amount of it.

      • I know that problem with spraying that right amount of haisrspray/chipping fluid. Have you checked out my videos showing Mike Rinaldi applying hairspray, seeing how he does it helped me a lot to get my techniques better.

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